So you managed to find my little corner of the internet? How?

Seriously. If you are reading this you have come across it somehow and I am still in the process of building the page. Even if you are coming across this post years from now, I am still interested in how you found me.

Back on topic

OK… Welcome to Crew One Photography. This is my little business that have been running for a couple years now. It is (currently) a part time business. One day it may not be. But right now I am happy with it as it is. I won’t go right into my full history right now, but that will certainly be a topic for a later post. As you will see if you have trawled through my site to get here, I am a wedding, portrait and fashion photographer. Not necessarily in that order. That’s just the easiest way to list them lol. The wedding and fashion photography are my two passions. They can be very different and very similar. Each wedding is unique. As too is each fashion shoot. Both let me stretch my creative muscles. And I love, no thrive on the pressure that most hate from weddings.

This blog will serve a few purposes. A place to put out some of my thoughts on the photographic industry. I also want to do some posts that will be more educational. I will share my shoots as they are completed through blog posts. This way I can not only share the photos, I can share my thoughts and experiences from the shoot. Who knows, maybe someone else might find some gems of wisdom in my dribble?

This page is not new, but this layout and design is new for me. I think I have finally found my theme I want to use for my website. It isn’t perfect. Right now I am having some issues in the way things are displayed on mobile devices. But, now it’s up I can tinker with it.

If you have read this far, please drop a line and say hello. I can’t imagine I will see to much traffic here. And some of my ramblings will be cathartic, like I have actually expressed my thoughts to the world and let things out, but deep down I know nobody is actually reading them… Maybe?

Ok, last thing here is about the only photo I have of myself. Thanks to my good mate, Wez from Wezzy Cruze Photography for grabbing this photo of me when doing a lighting workshop in Bundaberg a while back. One day I might even look into the camera.