Photographers in the modern age of social media are a very connected bunch. Our networks span the globe these days. We talk to far more colleagues within the industry than we could before when there were geographic and technological barriers. Sometimes this means we can be a little rabid when looking after our own. But mostly we just want to make sure those who are new to the industry do not get exploited and get the knowledge they may have once received from a more formal training situation like a traineeship or apprenticeship that no longer exists.

I recently come across a Facebook post from someone questioning whether any others had ever experienced a wedding venue demanding access to the photos of a wedding that was not even shot yet? And sending through a release form granting unlimited usage of the photographer’s images for their own use.

vendors bad photo release

The immediate response from the crowd was negative. With responses such as…

When faced with legal(ese) documents we immediately go onto the defensive. Afterall it is our photos that are a commodity and have value. If someone wants to use our photos, should they not have to pay for that usage?

Vendors... We are all here to help each other out

What’s funny, had the photographer never received this document and was politely asked by the venue, I can guarantee full usage of these photos would have been granted without batting an eyelid or request for compensation. Afterall we are all in the same industry. For the most part, we wedding vendors are more than willing to help each other out, especially those we know reflect our own services levels and values. And as a photographer, I am in a unique position as a content creator. Almost every other vendor provides a service. In doing so they are not creating content. They provide the venue, decorate it, feed the people and facilitate the wedding etc. Everyone is doing their job, and mine is wholly and solely to create content.

And everyone needs photos and videos. What use is a Facebook post without an image to show what you have done? And Instagram is 100% image based. We are visual creatures. We like to read about things, but what we like even more, is being able to see things for ourselves.

I am proud of my work. I would LOVE for you to use it if you think it is worthy of promoting your business.

A friendly and polite discussion will get you far further than leading with legal documents. An Australian business recently learned this after stealing a photo from the well-known Youtubers, Tony & Chelsea Northrup where they ended up paying $60k, which was multiple times the initially requested amount, all because they lead off with lawyers instead of polite and friendly discussion.


I aim to contact all the other vendors in a wedding that I am involved with and offer some photos from the day. I specifically take photos for this very purpose. So, I am also more than happy to provide good quality images for you to use. Please feel free to share any images I have posted to social media. Even better sharing the blog post I will create for the wedding. Who knows, I may even write a blog post dedicated to your business? But If I have missed you I am sorry. Please get in contact with me and I will get some images out to you ASAP.