Now, for something completely out of left field for me. Photographing musicians.

The Lyrical at Crow Street Creative

I have a deep love for music. Music was in many ways my first love, before photography was even a thought of mine. But for some reason, I have never really combined these two loves.

But when I saw The Lyrical was coming to my town and playing at Crow Street Creative, a venue I knew was welcoming of photographers, I had to finally try my hand at some music photography. Afterall a number of my colleagues and friends (Wez and Hari) love shooting bands.

And what a show these boys put on! I first come across these guys one night I went into my brother’s bar, Taps Mooloolaba. I was immediately drawn to their amazing roots derived groove. I couldn’t believe two guys, one on congas and the other singing and playing acoustic guitar could get a crowd pumping the way they did. Their infectious tunes instantly won me over. And last night at Crow Street was no different.

By the end of their set, I am sure they had developed a legion of new and old fans alike. The crowd gathered to the front of the venue and were swept away on the driving reggae-inspired beats. And befitting their name, the crowd hung on every word, appreciating the pop culture references along with the heartfelt and more serious lyrics.

The sign of a great live act is when you leave and want to keep playing their music on repeat. I listened to them when I got home, on my way to work the next morning and they have been on repeat in my office all day. I can’t wait until I get to see them again. And a little birdy tells me they will be back in Gladstone in the not too distant future. 😉

If you have never heard them, check out some of their music on Spotify.