One of the features to most of my wedding packages is that they come with an engagement photo shoot. Not everyone takes up the offer. But it sure is nice when I get to meet my future wedding couples and start creating some memories, especially when they are as joyous as Shuné & Matthew.

Shuné & Matthew's Engagement Photo Shoot

I first met Shuné when she was just 15 at a local modelling and deportment course that I was the photographer for. I was asked if we could shoot in a rural/rustic location, and I knew just the perfect location overlooking the Boyne River at Banaraby.

The afternoon was a perfect day with a glorious sunset for our photos. Topped off when the horse came to give us a visit at the end.

Shuné and Matt have planned their wedding at Weddings in the Grove in Bundaberg. To say I am a little bit excited about the prospect atr shooting this amazing couple in the stunning location would be a massive understatement. I can’t wait. Only about 6 months to go now.