It took some time getting around to this. Other commitments seemed to pop up and get in the way. But we finally got around to organising our photowalk together.

Runway7 Photowalk

Lynda from R7 Model & Talent Agency showed me a video on Facebook quite a while ago with a group of photographers shooting models in an organised event. She asked if I had ever done anything like this. What I was looking at was a photowalk, something I had done quite a bit when I was learning. A great way to not only learn some new skills, but meat some like minded people.

But, we had things one that had higher importance. We had to get through the local Miss Teen event first. Then the Queensland and national finals. And some 6 months later we finally brought it up again in conversation.

Coming into my peak wedding season I was about to be very busy. So I found a day that worked for us. And put plans in place.

The photowalk is a pretty informal event. It isn’t really a workshop, where people will listen and learn from me. So I hope that wasn’t what was expected. It was just a way for those who may not usually photograph models (or people in general) to try something new.

But, is there any interest in a workshop type of day? I would gladly dedicate some time to actually lead and teach those who might want to learn. Of course such an event would have a small fee involved, and I would also pay for the model’s time too. If anyone is interested in something like this, either here in Gladstone or anywhere else, then hit the contact button down below and send me a message. I’d actually love to do something like this, in a few cities along QLD east coast.

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