I first come across Nissa in a friend’s photo on Facebook. They had both recently been to the Miss indy competition at the Gold Coast.

Nissa's Swimwear Photo Shoot

After coming across Nissa in a friend’s Facebook photo I knew I had to see if she would be willing to model for me. Having recently competed at the Miss Indy competition at the Gold Coast I could see how great she looked in photos. But I just wasn’t quite prepared for just how amazing she was in person.

When she walked into the cafe we had arranged to meet at, I was almost lost for words. Tall, blond and simply the most stunning eyes I have EVER come across. WOW!

The beaches of Agnes Waters and 1770 were our locations for the day. And considering this was one of the first modelling shoots I had done, it still rates as one of my personal favourites. Amazing model, great location. Nissa, if you are ever in the area again please, please look me up so we can create some more amazing photos.