Jayke & Elke's Yeppoon Wedding Film

I love Yeppoon. It’s an amazingly vibrant, cosmopolitan seaside gem in central Queensland. For people like me who live in Gladstone, it’s a great weekend away. And for those further afar, it should be put on your map as a cool place to bring your family for a holiday. So I was very pleased to travel up there, and journey through town and found myself on an old pineapple farm where Jayke and Elke had recently bought their dream house.

The family and friends were all busy, hands-on-deck preparing, mowing and setting up the venue for the festivities ahead. I took out my little Sony audio recorder and captured some of the bird calls in the distance (in between the sounds of mower and cars).

After making myself known to Jayke and getting a quick tour of where everything would be happening later that day I went back into town where Elke’s family greeted me as if I was one of the family. I was early. I often am, especially when travelling to a job. So I got to spend some casual time hanging with the family and enjoyed the interaction with the kids and the grandparents. Plus I got to enjoy the amazing view from their deck and was surprised as I saw some skydivers coming down to land on the Yeppoon beach, right in front of us!

Can I just say these boys and girls in Yeppoon know how to party? The ceremony was amazing, but the true highlight of the day was the great fun had by everyone at the reception. I wish I could’ve camped in my car and stayed the night and joined in. Again, demonstrates just how great Yeppon is and the people in it.

Can’t wait for the next one!

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