Everyone needs a headshot

Every business person should have a professional headshot of themselves and their team members. Whether it is for LinkedIn, your website, your business card or even your email signature, a professional headshot allows your potential customers to see who they are working with. Something that is even more important in these times of further digitalisation of our workplaces.

In the last year, with all of the restrictions that have been thrust upon us due to Covid-19 more and more businesses are moving to the virtual world. And even more of our customers are searching out for their preferred businesses online. Buying online can often be risky with the ease of fraudulent activity. Showing your customers your face allows them to feel more comfortable making this online transaction.

Are you an aspiring actor or model? In order to get any work, you will be required to submit a headshot to agencies.

In Studio

Whether it is a pure white background, perfect for websites and business cards. Black or even any colour you would prefer. Crew One Photography has a mobile studio that can come to your workplace and capture your headshots.


Proud of your area and want to show it off? Or just prefer the more organic look to shooting on location? Crew One Photography's mobile studio doesn't require cords and we can set up anywhere you like.

Example Headshots

Some example headshots, both corporate and model headshots.

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