In the final couple weeks of the summer holidays, the Gladstone Regional Council holds its annual Sunfest program for school-aged kids.

Sunfest 2019

Now in its 21st year, Sunfest 2019 included for the first time a modelling and deportment class for high school students run by Gladstone’s Runway7 Model & Talent Agency.

Over a two day workshop, these students were taught all facets of the modelling industry from deportment, hair and makeup and culminating in a fashion shoot with Crew One Photography. Although some were very nervous, with their first-time “modelling” in front of a camera (as opposed to the bathroom mirror or selfies). But some took to it like naturals.

I am hoping the one thing they take out of it is that it doesn’t matter how conventionally pretty you are, modelling is a talent and a skill. Some find it natural, but no matter who it is, they will improve with practice. Serious models treat this as a sport or playing a musical instrument. Afterall it takes ten thousand hours to mastery of any subject. As a photographer, it is immediately obvious those who take this seriously and have practised their artform prior to getting in front of my camera.

It is pleasing to see a couple of the Sunfest girls have taken the next step in their modelling career. I enjoyed seeing them again, and it was nice to see them just a bit more comfortable. Practise and repetition…