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Crew One Photography is a Gladstone based photography business, owned and operated by Darryl Currey. I am extremely fortunate to have an amazing group of associate photographers/videographers who assist me on wedding days.

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Where did it start?

I bought my first serious camera as a gift for myself, Christmas many years ago now. A bright blue Pentax K30. I loved it right from the beginning. I started spending as much time as I could learn about this new thing in my life. And little did I know then, started what has become many years of spending all my money!

I can absolutely say I have found what I love to do. And my daughter is now sharing this love and joins me with her own camera (more money!) and hopefully, will be there to assist me on Wedding days some time soon!

Crew One Photography

I was inspired by the successes of some of my friends I had met in the photographic community and started my own photography business.

I had a vision in mind as to which sector I was going to service. But at the time I never thought I would end up specialising in weddings, portraits and fashion photography (with a good bit of corporate work in there too).

A few years down the track and I am happily achieving many of my professional goals.


I have not really done photography for awards. But I did submit some entries into the Capture Magazine 2018 Emerging Photographers award.

And I was lucky enough to receive a Highly Commended for my fashion photography submission!

What it did show me was how many amazing photographers are out there. And that I need to lift my game.



If you would like to know any more about my services. Or have a job that you would like my input, please feel free to head on over to the contacts page.

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