2020 R7 Models Photo Walk

In conjunction with R7 models, I was involved in organising another model photography photo walk this year. From last year’s event, I learned that more of the photographers that attended were hoping to get some more help from me and learn some new skills. So this year I thought I would offer something a bit different and take down my collection of Godox studio strobes and lights. This gave some people experience using them and to show how different their photos can look when you are adding light to your subject.

Because I was essentially hands-on in a one on one scenario most of the day I didn’t get to shoot many photos myself. That’s ok. The day wasn’t for me to get photos. It is a day to share and teach some new skills to some photographers who may not get the opportunities (or the equipment) that I do. So here are the very few photos (other than test shots) that I took on the day.

It was a great day down at East Shores. I am sure we will put some thought into what we can do next year. Thanks for all the photographers who attended. And a massive thank you to our amazing R7 models for giving their time so our photography community can experience something new and different.

And models, there is a link after the photos where you can download them if you want.

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